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Buy BACKPACKBOYZ Guarana California



Buy BACKPACKBOYZ Guarana California

California is known to have the best weed strains in the world. This is because even people in Amsterdam and other parts of the world have confirmed this. Nevertheless, in recent years California weed lovers and producers have come up with super loud characteristics. One such strain includes the great Guarana California strain. This strain was introduced by a group of renounced cannabis lovers called backpackboyz.

Your favorite strain from backpack boyz is now on the market in the heated form! Guarana California is a cross between three different strains of weed, including Sour Diesel to put you in a creative headspace, Guava Kush for calming effects, and Northern Light for alertness and energy.

This right here is a classic and it is one of the first backpackboyz strains I got to try and it sure was a heavy hitter for me although it wasn’t the biggest nugs on this one the structure was on point along with the nose having a slight walnut/hazelnut smell while having a bitch of a gasoline back end that burnt my nose hairs.


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