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BACKPACKBOYZ Banana Milk For Sale



BACKPACKBOYZ Banana Milk For Sale

BACKPACKBOYZ banana milk  has built a reputation as a quality strain so it makes sense why Bananas Milk is one of the most popular marijuana strains around right now.

Banana milk is a smooth Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by BackpackBoyz. The nugs are dense with bright orange hairs and a thick blanket of trichomes. Banana milk smells like skunky bananas and tastes like yellow kool-aid. As you relax into its effects, you’ll feel focused, happy, and mentally stimulated.”

Backpackboyz banana milk is a very good product and not only does it taste good but it leaves you with the backpack boyz cereal milk aftertaste.

Banana milk is a cross between Banana OG and Stardawg. It has a stunning flower set and an unmistakable funk, similar to a deep sour cherry – with the slightest hint of banana. Banana Milk produces great yields.

BACKPACKBOYZ Banana Milk For Sale

The strain emits a staggering, tropical smell of incense and bananas, which is aided by sweet vanilla notes. Banana Milk’s flavor follows suit, giving high notes of banana cream with a flan-like richness.

Pure marijuana is grown, since 2005. Using indoor growing methods and hybridizing strains that produce high THC contents. Offering an all-natural hybrid of Haze/Purple Herb….so outstanding it just can’t be matched. It is a balanced hybrid with sweet banana flavors, hence the name. It offers euphoria, creativity, and deep relaxation.


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